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PictureWilliams Insurance is a family owned, independent insurance agency that specializes in energy, agriculture, crop insurance, transportation and commercial business.  We are located in Clovis, NM.  Located on the high plains of eastern New Mexico, Clovis is the county seed of Curry County.  It sits 8 miles from the Texas border and is approximately 100 miles southwest of Amarillo and 100 miles northwest of Lubbock.  It is a town of about 35,000 people and its economy is largely based on agriculture, Cannon Air Force Base (5 miles west of town) and is a key hub for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.  Clovis is and always has been a large farming community and in the past 20 years, has become a very large dairy community as well, becoming one of the largest producers of dairy products in the entire nation.  In addition to these industries, it is now working to become a growing force in wind energy development.  Our agency is focused on protecting the risks of local farmers and dairymen, as well as energy producers and servicing contractors throughout the southwest region.  Through our service and knowledge we are personally vested in each one of our clients and it is our goal to make them feel like we are equal partners when it comes to making sure their businesses are protected.

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David WilliamsDavid Williams - President - (Direct: (575) 769-2855)

David was born and raised on a farm near the town of Grady, NM. He attended New Mexico State University, where he earned his Bachelor's in Agricultural Economics, in 1972. His background includes investment banking, as well as being the General Manager of the Farmers Cooperative Elevators, in Clovis. David went into the insurance business with his father, Charles, in 1992 and is currently the owner and president of the agency. He is an expert in agricultural insurance, including farm and ranch, crop and agribusiness. David is continually educating himself with new and improved products, as well as changes in the farm bill and changes made annually by each insurance company. This allows him to stay on top of each of his client's needs and make sure that they are properly advised of all the options available to protect their risks. David still remains very involved in the day to day operation of Williams Insurance.

David has been married to his wife, Connie, for over 40 years. They have three children, two of whom work in the agency. He is very involved in the community and is a big supporter of youth agricultural clubs, including 4-H and FFA, throughout the area. In his spare time, David enjoys reading, traveling and playing with his grandchildren, Alli and Reese.

In 2013, David was elected to the board of the Rain & Hail Insurance Society. RHIS is a society designed for rural America and the farming and agricultural industries. The society stays heavily involved in politics at the local, state and national level and works very hard on all issues that benefit the farming industry from a legislative standpoint, as well as lobbying against all potential legislation that could have a negative impact on the ag industry. David stays heavily involved in all things regarding the RHIS and is always willing to speak with and act as a resource for people who have questions regarding legislation that effects the industry.
Jennifer Williams - Office Manager - (Direct: (575) 769-2855)
Lubbock Office (Map)
Todd WilliamsTodd Williams - Vice President - (Direct: (806) 855-2538)

Todd was born and raised in Clovis, NM. He attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and completed his Bachelors of Business Administration at Wayland Baptist University, in Plainview, TX. After graduation, he and his family moved to Dallas, TX, where Todd began his career in commercial insurance with Liberty Mutual. He then accepted a position with Energy Risk Associates, where he trained to be a broker and was mentored by some of the brightest and most experienced and respected people in the upstream and midstream energy, insurance business. In 2011, he moved back to Lubbock, TX, where he opened the Texas branch of Williams Insurance. Todd has experience with energy accounts ranging from small, single crew roustabouts, all the way to multi-million dollar, large service contractors and operators alike. He specializes in analyzing policy wordings and making sure that they are properly aligned with the indemnity agreements within the contracts that servicing companies and operators have entered into (MSA, IADC, JOA). In addition, he has a strong focus and understanding of Control of Well coverage. Todd's broad knowledge of coverages and markets, allows him to properly shop for the best coverage and the best value, for each client.
Todd has been married to his wife, Adrienne, for 12 years. They have two children, Alli and Reese, both of whom are very involved in youth sports and several other activities. Todd helps with coaching and staying involved and participating in all of his children's activities.
Todd is always willing to sit down with startup or existing companies to review and discuss their coverages and help determine the best options available, for the best value and price.

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